Purposeful and Deliberate

As we step into the gym, we have a purpose.  We showed up to do work, to move our body in ways that will strengthen it and make it better.  There is a workout posted for us to perform, our Coach greets us with a smile and briefs us about how we should warmup for the impending fun.  With nervous chuckles about what we are getting ourselves into, we get started.  We hit a quick warmup run, return back to the gym and Coach(while demonstrating) says, “Let’s position our feet…stand tall…brace our bellies…move our hips, back, and down…chest up…breathe, we are going to hold here for a bit…”
There are two ways to approach this position.  We can drop it like its hot and get down there to hang out or we can move slowly and deliberately, working to maintain good positioning throughout the range.  Both approaches will get us there, the former gets us there faster, the latter allows to practice the squat movement on the way to the position.
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What do we do while we are holding this hard earned squat position?  We could hang out down here and chill, patiently waiting for Coach to say, “…and up and shake it out”. The other option would be to keep a laser focus on maintaining the fiercest squat position that we can muster and hope that no one notices the pain face approaching.
So the big question is:  Are you at the gym to move and not feel guilty about the candy bar or cake that you will be eating later today?  Or… Are you at the gym to move safely and well and not feel guilty about the candy bar or cake that you will be eating later today?
If you are trying to move safely and well, then the fiercest squat position you can muster is what you want.  If we practice sloppy, then our workouts will be sloppy as well.  If we practice the best position, then our bodies will get there during the workouts too.  Approach your entire time at the gym with purpose.  Be deliberate from the moment you begin to warmup to when you are leaving the gym.

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