Scaling/Modifying vs Making Excuses

I am constantly reading, learning, and practicing my craft, my passion.  Recently, I stumbled across something that stated:

CrossFit is for anybody. Everybody is not for CrossFit.
When I first read that, I scratched my head.  It took a minute to sink in, but once it did, so many things that I’ve heard come out of mouths over the years made since.
“I can’t do what y’all do.”
“I’m too old to do that.”
“I’m too small to do that.”
“I’ll really hurt myself if I try to do that.”
“I need to get in shape before I try that.”
“I need to loose a few pounds first.”
I really could go on, but I won’t.  I said all these things to myself 6 years ago.  Over the years, I’ve heard these lines and others come from the mouths of others.  Let’s just be honest and call those what they are.  They are EXCUSES, not REASONS.
Excuses, not reasons.  An excuse is why I WON’T do THAT something.  A reason is why I NEED to do THAT something differently.
REASONS to do THAT something differently.
Flexibility (Lack of)
Injury (Past or Present)
Strength (Lack of)
Coordination (Lack of)
Balance (Lack of)
Get the picture?  Whichever the REASONS,  there is a way to perform the work.  I can slow down my movement, shorten the movement, lighten the load or completely unload, completely avoid the movement or substitute entirely.  This is what scaling or modifying is.  For example, I would never avoid playing pitch and catch with my kids because I don’t throw well and can only catch the ball 50% of the time😔. I’d get my booty out there and do my best with what I’ve got and take advantage of the benefits of the family time🤗.
*SPOILER ALERT!  This isn’t REALLY me in the image.
Checkout the image.
1.  Here is me surrounded by my equipment, ignoring it because I am (INSERT EXCUSE).
2.  Here is ‘me’ in my CrossFit class performing the work to my capabilities.
3.  Here is ‘me’ in my CrossFit class doing a weighted front rack lunge.
4.  Here is ‘me’ in my CrossFit class doing a weighted front rack lunge.
CrossFit is for anybody.  Everybody is not for CrossFit.  Anybody can do this.  Every movement, every skill, every task can be modified and/or scaled to the individual’s current ability or strength.  It is still a CrossFit Workout, whether you perform it as written on the board or to your individual ability.  You will still reap the benefits of the hormonal, neurological, and physiological response that CrossFit induces in the body.  Some of us will not be able to wrap our minds around this.  Some of us will have difficulty stepping outside of their comfort zones and trying new things.  Some of us will not see the value in what we do at CrossFit.
It’s EVERYBODY is not for CrossFit. It’s NOT EVERY BODY is not for CrossFit.  Get the picture😁.

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